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Joanne Alexakis - Penwheels

Darlene s chapters glide from one to another just as RVers drive from place to place enjoying new folks and new lands. With her husband, Terry Miller, Darlene has visited and toured all over the U.S.A. She tells stories from Alaska to North Carolina and from Iowa to Texas. She shares RVing tips and RVers secrets. She gives on-the-road advice and relates off-the-road festivities. Her account of Your RV You Move If is especially entertaining. You move if a hurricane is predicted, or if it is February and getting colder, or if the neighbor s dog is a barker.

Current full-timers will laugh along and agree with her been there; done that . Darlene s stories are so true, so real. Wanna-bes are given a treat a glimpse of the RV lifestyle. They ll turn the last page of this book more eager than ever to begin their traveling adventure."

Alice Zyetz RV Lifestyles

In a lighthearted and loving way, Darlene addresses the ups and downs of parking a rig, seeing grandchildren, having pets, visiting churches that vary from the Crystal Cathedral to the six-member congregation plus barn swallow that settled down when the service began. She also gives helpful tips, including a reminder to check to see if your partner is in the rig before you take off, particularly if he has no clothes on. See book for more details.

Nick Russell - Gypsy Journal

"Darlene's book is packed full of chuckles, laughs, and experiences any fulltime RVer can relate to - from the joys of a trip to the Laundromat to packing all your "stuff" in an RV (and then finding it when you need it), to trying to convince friends and family you already have a "real" bed to sleep in when you visit!

From coexisting with a spouse in cramped quarters without committing homicide, to dividing chores and space, this is a primer on surviving the RV lifestyle with a grin and a giggle.

From full timers to snowbirds to wannabes, if you have ANY interest in the RV lifestyle, I know you will enjoy this book!"

Johnny & Margaret Johnson / RVers

Darlene, it has been a long time since we've laughed this much. Especially about Victoria watch- ing Paw Paw blow his nose. What a hoot. We've told it far and wide. So many of the stories, we identify with. I read the whole book in one sitting and Margaret was so mad because I wouldn't tell her what I was laughing about. I read real fast when she started to make threats. Upon reading she also started laughing, then she would reread and get us started again. This is an excellent book.

Joan Pomeroy Pomeroy s Travelogues"RV Chuckles and Chuckholes - the Confessions of Happy Campers will bring laughter and joy to many people as it has to me. This is a book to give to relatives who just don't understand why we travel as we do and the adventures we encounter."
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