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New RV Book released in Jan 2008

MORE RV CHUCKLES AND CHUCKHOLES - MORE CONFESSIONS OF HAPPY CAMPERS is another humorous compilation by Darlene Miller, based on her experience and her encounters while traveling around the continent, with her husband in their RV.

Some of the chapter headings in the new book include;

  • Do they understand us RVers?
  • What do RVers do?
  • Questions most asked by homebound people
  • Bad RV days
  • The perfect RV day
  • The perfect RV woman
  • Pets and other animals
  • Road disasters
  • Mechanical problems and errors

(and a lot more!)

RV book -released Nov. 1, 2005

RV CHUCKLES AND CHUCKHOLES - THE CONFESSIONS OF HAPPY CAMPERS is a book of jokes, anecdotes, and true tales about the RV lifestyle. Darlene Miller wrote her anecdotes about the RVers she encountered at RV potluck dinners, from conversations around tables in the clubhouse as she played Canasta, Bingo or Crazy Rook and other card games. If there was a quiet time in the conversations around the campfires, Darlene told the group that she was writing a book and asked, "What funny stories do you know?" . . . "Can I use that?"

Chapters include

  • RV Lifestyle Challenges,
  • Husbands how to live with them 24/7 and
  • How to get rid of them - for a little while.
  • Happy hour before RVing and after RVing
  • Pets and other animals
  • They Don't Understand Us
  • Things that you never tell your homebound friends
  • Fun with RVing
  • Special Tales from RVers
  • Lessons learned from RVing
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